Glasgows Only Licensed Taxi Company registered with the F.S.A.

The Company: 
Glasgow Taxis Ltd. is a mutual co-operative, formed from a merger of Glasgow’s two major taxi companies in 1997. It provides both private and business sectors of Glasgow and surrounding districts with a first class taxi service.

Glasgow Taxis Ltd. has 900 licensed taxis available 24/7. Our entire fleet is wheelchair accessible. Our Call Centre never closes operating 24 hours daily, 7 days a week all year round. The demand for taxi hire is constant and we respond.

Due to the steady increase in demand year on year by public and business users alike, we have invested heavily in the latest technology to help us meet the communities taxi requirements.

Professional Drivers: 
Our drivers consistently deliver to individuals, groups, companies, and to anyone requiring a flexible taxi service. We can carry up to 6 passengers in comfort and safety.

Glasgow Taxis offer services including: private contracts, business accounts, airport meet and greet, disabled customer transport, guided tours of Glasgow, taxi advertising and wedding car hire.

Taxi rates around Christmas and New Year in Glasgow
Christmas and New Year periods are among the busiest for taxi drivers in Glasgow and around the world generally, with so many people moving around. You would therefore not be expecting to pay the regular taxi charges during this time. The costs would go up to three times the usual charges! As it were, public transport comes to a halt on 25th of Decembers, so taxis remain your only option if you rely on public transportation – not unless you consider hitch-hiking to your destination! If possible, you would instead travel on the 24th and 2nd, staying away from the extra expenses. Better yet, you could book a taxi in advance if you have definite pick-up and drop-off points. This process would save you the hassle as you do not want to wait for a cab in the cold for two hours and still pay a fortune for that 30 minutes’ drive. If you do not know your precise starting and finishing points, you might want to carry with you some extra cash and hope to remain with the extra after your ride. The taxi fares for all licensed taxis set by Glasgow City Council. Every taxi has a taxi meter that displays the current taxi tariff so you should probably consider taking a look at the meter before dropping your hard-earned cash to a manipulative taxi driver. Taxi charges are-what I would call-average for all other times of the year except in the festivity season. The meter also shows distance, time and provides for extras such as extra passengers or different charges. For the additional tariff, the meter automatically multiplies the costs by a determined percentage for bank holidays, Christmas, New Year and after midnight hours. Private hire taxis are unlimited by the council. Instead, the charges concluded between the driver and the passenger.

Taxi rates

Glasgow is considered to be the cheapest cities in the UK, where taxis charge £5 for every two miles. These standards, however, do not apply for public holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. Charges vary from one taxi firm to another. Some of these businesses include: • Hackneys These are the better option with only a couple of pounds added to the usual charges. They put up notices in their taxis to show their expenses over Christmas period. • Glasgow taxis Glasgow taxis would cost an extra £2.20 on New Year’s Eve. • Hampden Cabs They charge one and a half the usual charge. The charges could even be double the general charge. • Glasgow airport taxi For these, there is a 50 % surcharge on all bookings for Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. • Airport Taxi Transfers Falkirk They have fixed price taxi fares to Edinburgh and Glasgow airports in Christmas. • Private hire taxis Private hire usually is cheaper, but then there is the question of safety and assurance that your driver knows the directions around the city. In conclusion, pre-booking taxis is always the smart move.